About us

Network Plus Training Center, has been established in 2015. Our Training Center is targeting to deliver training courses in different specialties such as(Networks, Applications and Softwares, Telecommunications  and Management)

Why Network Plus?

Network design

—Network Plus Training Center is excelled by their highly qualified expert trainers who have a very extensive industry experience, and an outstanding teaching skills.

Indoor & outdoor

—Network Plus Training Center doesn’t only teach and deliver training courses. However, We have a very good recruitment team who managed to offer many job opportunities to our graduates.

Corporate locations

—Network Plus Training Center has a well equipped computer & telecommunication laboratories for technical courses.

World's Fastest

Better than any visual

Network Plus Training Center capable and succeeded to provide top IT courses such as CCIE

Network Plus managed to provide a training course to big telecommunication Companies in Africa & in Arab world such as Zain and MTN Companies.

Network Plus Training Center has become the only Huawei Training Partner in Sudan, and providing Huawei Certifications here in Khartoum.

Network Plus Training Center is the a training center that providing online interactive courses for students outside Khartoum and outside Sudan, and for those who are in Khartoum and wishes to take the course from home/office

Network Plus Training Center is offering its virtual library for those who are interested to watch the course recorded in order to study it on their own pace and with a lot of flexibility in time, and still they can get Network Plus certificate, if they managed to pass the final evaluation test.

Network Plus Training Center has got a rich datacenter that allows students/trainees to practice real lab scenarios. The datacenter consist of tens of routers, switches, firewalls, accesspoints, wireless controllers and servers.

Network Plus Training Center is offering training opportunities to their distinguished trainees through an exchange program with local companies.

Network Plus Training Center is now offering all International certificates such as CCNA, CCNP

Network Plus Training Center has capabilities to arrange training with one of our international partners outside Sudan.

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